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That's MY song!

Das ist MEIN Lied!

Claim a song as your very own
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~Claim Your Favourite Song~

Oh no, another claiming community?

Yes, another one. The only difference is, this one will actually be updated with new claims. In fact, I decided to make this community after discovering that most of the claiming community owners have just abandoned everything. So, voila! One that lives!

About The Community

Obsessing over a few songs? Join, post, and claim them here! I'll comment on your entry once your claims have been added to the list. Then... well, you have your own songs. Go you! :D

Teh Rules

Eins: You may claim up to three songs by anyone you like.
Zwei: Up to two people can claim a single song.
Drei: If you leave the community or delete your journal, your songs are automatically up for grabs. UNLESS you're switching journals and let me know ahead of time. If you give me some notice, I'll keep you on the claims list. :)
Vier: You can trade songs, but PLEASE check the claims list first, just to make sure what you want is still available.
Fünf: Be courteous. If two people already have your songs, you have a few options: claim different songs, wait and see if someone decides to trade, or leave the community. Flaming = bad. You flame, I yank out the flamethrower and toast your ass. Kapeesh? ;)
Sechs: Claim away and have a good time!

Also, if you'd like me to make a button or banner for your user info, let me know. No, I'm not going to make you promote or anything (feel free to, though!), but if you do want a graphic of some sort, I'll be happy to make it for you.

I think that about covers it. Have fun! :)

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Promotional stuff

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